3 07, 2020

Netlab is hiring – Join our team Now !

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July 2020, 1st, Join our dynamic and motivated team and enroll in a career with Netlab. Creator of the Number One, fast growing website weshare.mu, we believe that transformation begins with curiosity and a lust for knowledge. We are here to motivate digital practices by sharing groundbreaking ideas, professional insights and business case studies to help lead,

23 04, 2020

merci.mu : favoriser et faciliter l’entraide en cette période de crise sanitaire

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L’heure est à l’entraide et à la collaboration en cette période de pandémie ! Nombreux sont les Mauriciens qui souhaitent apporter leur aide dans divers domaines, et nombreux sont ceux qui en ont besoin. Connecter ces personnes pour mieux collaborer et partager, voici l’objectif de NetLab. Le professionnel de la petite annonce à Maurice a

4 03, 2020

The Press Is Talking About Us!

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Here are all the latest articles, stories, reports on NetLab. Take a minute to know more about us, our vision (driven by data) and how we are contributing in making Mauritius more sustainable. Article published in Le Mauricien on 18 December 2019 on page 10: Title: "Immobilier – Transactions facilitées : Un nouveau site molakaz.mu

4 02, 2020

Rethinking E-Commerce; Creating a Sustainable Ecosystem

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For years, retailers and brands have capitalised and expanded on large Brick & Mortar stores to attract more customers. The objective: offer a wide variety of choices and a space for shoppers to spend time with others during long shopping hours. However, with the rise of e-commerce, customers’ expectations and demands have significantly changed. Shifting